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One of the main consumers and pollutants of water is production. Water - one of crop factors, a on the irrigated lands it is necessary in every way and means to protect and save water. to preserve thus the rivers and lakes in purity, not to washout of the soil, intake of agrochemicals to the rivers and lakes, it is necessary to combat an unjustified filtration and other losses of water.

The person in agricultural activity, using land, water, vegetable, animal and energy resources, provides itself first of all with food, renders on the nature bigger, than in any other activity.

Another a problem - quality of food, existence in it to an organism of proteins, vitamins, microcells. Important and management of agricultural agroecosystems which has to ­ so that to minimize harmful effects on environment.

Considering measures for protection of water resources, it is necessary to emphasize that preservation in the quantitative and qualitative relation of natural water sources is the fundamental requirement defining tactics and strategy of water management activity.

The prevailing branches in the area are the agriculture and a, the Production direction in agriculture - moloch-but-meat, in the industry - production of construction materials.

Variety of fauna of the woods the small: wolf. fox, hare. marten, badger, polecat. otter, raccoon dog. From hoofed animals it is possible to meet an elk, a boar, the roe: from birds - a gray partridge, a black grouse, a, a hazel grouse, a woodcock. Wild ducks and geese fall by reservoirs. On small rivers there were a beaver, a muskrat, a muskrat.

Increase of efficiency of use of lands is connected with a number of actions. Soil-protective events have to be held in a complex. Complexity is defined by meliorative and effective and economically expedient combination of four groups of soil-protective actions: organizational and economic,, lesomeliorativny and hydrotechnical.

The prevailing branches in the Babyninsky area are the economy and the industry. Estimating an agriculture role from wide social-and-ecological positions, it is necessary to recognize that the agrarian sector is some kind of buffer softening painful consequences of economic reforms for many branches and groups of the population.