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We considered Arbat on two different sources which for us became Anatoly Rybakov's work "Children of Arbat" and Bulat Okudzhava's stories. The main parallel between these works even not that they are written almost in at one time, to one era. This parallel is expressed, in our opinion in nature of works. Both author himself appears in shape of the hero, not only without covering similarity to himself, but also, on the contrary, in every possible way sticking out them. Eventually, both writers (Okudzhava in this case too the writer, the prose writer, though it is very unusual to see it in such a foreshortening in concrete statements (Okudzhava – in introduction, Rybakov – in interview), recognize and emphasize what exactly nature is peculiar to these works. And if they really reflect real life of the author, and thinking him also have to reflect, in any case, there is a hope for it and it is stronger, than hope for sincerity in any other literary genre.

So, we see, in what a characteristic sign of ideas of Arbat at Bulat Okudzhava: its symbolical character and ideological bias because so all it also is, according to Okudzhava: Arbat for it not only a symbol, but also ideology.

Let's look now as Arbat in autobiographical works of B. Okudzhava is presented. If it is honest, it is not really wide. The author for some reason pays much bigger attention to the trips abroad, to mentality and behavior of foreigners, than native places and people. But also so close in life and verses, Arbat is occasionally mentioned, sometimes even at some special moments.