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Applying the principles of merchandising to the firms making tea it should be noted need of involvement of regional dealers (since tea - goods of a certain climatic zone, for its distribution two options of channels of distribution are possible: mediation of regional dealers - i.e. distribution on regions, or cooperation with the major companies buying tea as raw materials and engaged in its packing, completing and. etc.). At stages of merchandising does not demand special specifics, the only thing is dry warehouses and tightness when transporting. As for transportation, the railway or water transport, since here the minimum costs is more preferable.

Long leaf black tea (received the name because of thin silver hairs, similar to white eyelashes, on the lower part of a tea leaf, in Chinese - "bao-hoa"). This tea is received at consecutive performance of the main stages of processing: drying, fermentation, twisting and drying of a leaf. On nature of machining black tea happens loose, pressed and extracted. Extracted (or teas are instant are issued or in the form of liquid extract, or in the form of powder. Black loose long leaf tea is more widespread. It, in turn, happens krupnolistovy, sheet, cut, small (seeding and. Leaf tea around the world is considered the best on flavoring and medicinal properties. Its feature that, passing through special machines for twisting, a tea leaf remains whole and keeps all the valuable properties. At the real leaf tea the razvarenny leaf has equal color, brown-red with copper outflow, and infusion distinguishes a refined bouquet of taste and aroma. Thanks to that the leaf remains intact but only it is twisted in an elastic spiralka. It does not lose medicinal properties. The real judges of this drink prefer elite grades of pure Ceylon leaf tea.

Bergamotovy and other flavored teas - at their production are used a tea leaf and fragrances which happen natural or synthetic. Synthetic are essences which formula in accuracy repeats a formula of natural substances.

Tovarno - the differentiated marketing - the seller makes two or several goods with different properties, in different registration, different quality, in different packaging. These goods are urged to be pleasant not so much to various segments of the market, how many to create a variety for buyers.