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Communication between them is defined by result of the movement on the first, natural, to the direction which is expressed in desire, aspiration, imaginations, dreams, will to implementation. The result of the movement of the second direction - extends a set of cultural forms, means of expression. The unity of the natural and cultural direction - without natural nothing osushch-sya and to be realized, and without the cultural there are no forms, means and ways an osushch-niya.

The operational sphere - occurs understanding of the prof. of actions, receptions, methods, operations, estimation of results D, the analysis of the prof. of behavior and its consequences, the image "I" as active subject D is formed.

Development of consciousness - is intra personal process which is defined by dynamics of tsennostnosmyslovy education. During our researches (Slastenin) functions of the prof. of consciousness of the teacher were allocated:

application of funds of a skhvatyvaniye and deduction "I" which does possible presence and participation of the identity of the teacher in the prof. D (the lesson becomes personal and significant for the teacher, developments of his personality and process of the prof. of self-development begins)

Development of consciousness demands presentation of the t / on various subjects and such organization of educational and educational process at which subject knowledge and abilities become independent D teachers that will bring to partner and joint D with pupils.

Behavior of the person - "wisdom of the nature". A weak link - adaptive, passive and adaptive orientation. The feeling individual only endures influences of world around, it is not he, as it in a situation, object of influence, the victim of circumstances.

As the mechanism of development and self-development, self-updating means process of transition of potential opportunities of the person to the actual, including substantial and procedural components (spheres - concrete features of the personality, if not conscious, potential, process - those actions which staticize these features).

Usually the teacher accepts. a task also solves it according to a cash situation, and more than opportunities if its activity is defined by will be involved what components of the personal sphere of the teacher will take part in regulation of the prof. of behavior that assumes realization of potential opportunities of the individual in the prof. D, i.e. assumes the prof. self-updating.

In mass practice of the prof. training of teachers by profession is conducted at the subpersonal level (there is no forecast of features of the teacher, individual qualities of the expert, their manifestations, training is directed on the prof. a situation, but not on own opportunities of the trainee). Because of such abstract attitude towards the personality leads to assimilation of some sets which often and remain unclaimed in real pedagogical process, and results of it are found in installation of the graduates focused on samples and standards of the prof. of behavior on loan of others procedures. => Loss of personal sense of D teacher, decrease in interest to. to work.

Procedural there is in existential coordinates (the formation in a profession), a consecutive imazhination of images "I" in last, real, future, i.e. genesis the prof. D, the leading motives and the purposes separate, vital and the prof. plans. Level of claims is developed.

In the course of formation of egoism both directions have to be set. Process of formation of egoism is connected with the solution of problems: formation of motivation of the doctrine, overcoming of conventionalism, monotony. work,. creativity, initiative, independence.

Understanding of in culture space - the synthesizing party of consciousness, i.e. decoding by the teacher of the outlook, a behavior stereotype. This spatial plan is characterized by ways of personal orientation in the prof. to the environment:

Many teachers feel like unrealized persons today. In. the sufficient place is allocated for the identity of the teacher and her development. There can be mismatches personal both the prof. of the conflict of the personality and his prof. D (a prevalence professional in structure D and persons). => the value of the personal decreases whereas they are interconnected.