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First room of the palace - The lobby, or the Smart outer entrance hall, represented glory. As in the opera overture, the heroic subject of a celebration and triumph sounds here. Huge vases in wall niches, stand, as amphoras, antique vessels intended for festive libations. On reliefs of the top circle of walls antique heroes are represented. Over doors - Sheremetev' coat of arms added with guns, kernels, swords and helmets - trophies of winners.

In a garden trees were cut down, stubs, roughnesses of a podsypana by the earth which is taken out from a ditch and on the square, equal and smooth as a table, young trees are planted are rooted out. Kologrivov wrote out gardeners, joiners, carpenters from various Sheremetyevsky ancestral lands and so far navvies dug a ditch of the Big pond, carpenters built on the house the second floor, and modelers decorated a roof with intricate balustrades with statues and vases.

In the Second drawing room English chairs are comfortably placed before a fireplace, and English chairs stand round a little table for notes because the drawing room intended for intimate family concerts. On a table from slices of a tree of different breeds the cabinetmaker master Nikifor Vasilyev gathered Kuskov's panorama with a pond, the palace, regular park and its surprising pavilions. The marble busts of Borisovich and his spouse located on the parties of a fireplace are rather idyllic, than are solemn. If the Lobby sang of glory, a drawing room - wellbeing.

After extensive drawing rooms and the Smart bedchamber some small rooms - Kabinet-kontorochka, the Personal bathroom, Library, Vsednevnaya a bedchamber, Picture, - as symphonies, served as rhythmic transition to solemn deification of magnificent white and gold Mirror gallery. Exactly here during holidays tables were laid, and plates, dishes, soup vases, sauce-boats were gold.

The second drawing room is sustained in silvery-green scale, characteristic for the glorified Flemish lanes. The huge lane does not find room in a pier, it bends around a corner and brings asymmetry and ease in furniture. Wall carpets lanes were carried out on huge manual machines. On the picture serving as a sample, the master weaver reproduced each dab of a brush what required about 10 thousand shades of threads of different flowers. On lanes of the Second drawing room landscapes with the knotty, broken trees in the forefront and orchestra seats of regular park on the second, - from the Lobby as if chained in armor of marble walls, the guest as if got to similarity of a paradise garden are represented. The view of a pond, the reflection of a pond in a high nadkaminny mirror weaved on lanes landscapes with a huge peacock, a symbol of beauty and wealth makes impression as if the nature intruded in the house.

The door in the form of a triumphal arch with marble statues on the parties conducts in the Hall drawing room where after a jolty driving it is possible to look round and make toilet. Against the first door in depth there is a door in the Second drawing room, and further a door in the third. The gallery of doors comes to the end with the mirror doubling prospect so it seems infinite. How the building from outer side was great, inside it had to seem is more extensive, than outside.